Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ha Ha

Interesting weekend, gorgeous weather.

Had a visit from Talon and family tonight, Mr. Thinker. He said, "Happy Birthday, Grandma. So how old are you now?"

I said: "61, remember?"

He said: "Well, how many more months til you're 100?"

Not being that good with math, I whipped out my cell phone and checked the calculator. It's 468 months, so I feel safe for now. HA HA

He got Sarah to play robots with him. In his robot-voice, he told her: "Go bang your head 100 times on the couch, ten bangs at a time." She was good; told him something like his robot was now broken. HA HA

Kyle's waterbed had been leaking for a week and had to be "let go." His friend sold him a waterbed bladder stored in a basement. Kyle and another friend, Mr. Amazing-Fix-Anything-Cameron (and I'm not kidding here), filled it up outside to make sure it didn't leak. Kyle hadn't noticed it was a smaller size until he got it in his room the next day. The funniest thing was he was in the living room yesterday talking to me and Jason and Nik and Sarah. All of a sudden he jumped up and moved faster than I'd ever seen him move in his life, literally flew out the front door then flew back in the house and ran down to his room (impressive speed). Nik and Jason followed him and came out laughing hysterically a minute later. You've seen the pictures of those ladies who are expecting six kids at a time and they can't move? It looked like that! He had forgotten the hose was filling the bed; one more cup and it would have EXPLODED in a million trillion drops of water. Nik was like: "Dude, don't touch it! It'll blow!" It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen, though Kyle still can't see the humor. Apparently, however, the thing doesn't leak. HA HA Good old Cam came over today and rebuilt the bed frame to fit the new bladder. I'm serious, that young man can do anything. Thanks, Cam!

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