Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Someone's in the Kitchen

Tee and I went to the store Monday to get stocked up on grub for the week. I told her to get what she wanted and would eat. We spent a good ten minutes just in the vegetable section, longer than I've spent there thus far this year.

She was asking me questions like "Where is the fresh basil?" I said, "Do they make fresh basil? Isn't that some kind of spice?" I learned that there are more than two types of vinegar (white and dark, one to clean the tub and one to make Christmas taffy). There is actually a product called balsamic vinegar. I have no idea what one would do with it. We got olive oil (that stuff is expensive!) and soy sauce, or something like that.

She got two each of three kinds of peppers. I have no idea their differences, but they do make the inside of the fridge pretty. She got eight tomatoes. What would one do with eight tomatoes if they're not making a batch of salsa? We bought a "clove" of garlic. What garlic has to do with cloves is beyond me. I thought it came in salt form to put on garlic bread.

We both sort of rolled our eyes :o)