Sunday, October 31, 2010

You can't make this stuff up, Folks!

Well, I'm over it now and, as they say, stuff happens. (It just happens to some of us more than others of us.) A few of you may have already heard the story.

So, here's how it went today:

My talk was prepared as well as I could do it. I even wore two body shapers; they overlapped a bit. It was quite a setup, so right before I left for Church, I decided to use the bathroom one last time. I couldn't find my pink slip so whipped on an old white one that had a little tear on the lace, but who would know since I was wearing a mid-calf skirt anyway?

I walked in and sat on the stand and was immediately horrified to notice that my slip was hanging four inches below my skirt! How could this possibly be happening? It wasn't like I could just give it a little pull or anything; it was major. Of course, the bathroom is on the other side of the entire building, so i decided to head to the coat closet nearby. A lady stopped me to talk about a song for the combined Priesthood/Relief Society meeting today and she probably thought I was really rude to rush her along, but it was three minutes before sacrament meeting! I hustled out and could see there would be no time to fix it right, so I just went to the back of the coat closet, whipped it off and threw in on a shelf, went back and sat down like it hadn't happened...really helped the nerves settle down, you know. I think even if the only guy in the hallway had seen me, he would have thought his eyes were playing tricks on him.

People were lined up after the meeting to say what a great talk! All I could think of was I need to grab the slip before anybody notices, or I forget. I hurried out and threw it in my car so it didn't hang out of my purse the rest of the day or something. Whew!

After Church I went to go home and could not find my keys anywhereeeee. (I knew the spare was locked in the car because the other day when there was frost on my windshield, I used the spare to warm up the car while locking it with the main set, so nobody would steal it while it was running, and decided it would be handy if I just left it in there.)

We looked in the chapel, on the couch, in the couch, on the stand, lost & found. Nothing. It suddenly occurred to me that maybe I had somehow thrown my set of keys in the back seat with the slip. I got a ride home and after a while, ended up having my grandson call the police dept to see if they still unlock crazy people's cars. I was too embarassed to do it, and didn't want them to maybe ask me why I keep a slip in my back seat. They said they'd send an officer, so my grandson was driving me over there when a fellow in my ward came walking up to us. He asked if I'd lost a set of keys and said he'd found them on the couch, apparently before I even knew they were missing and checked the couch. I called to cancel the policeman.

I have a sorta headache coming on, but somewhere I think I hear a few angels laughing.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

7 x 6 = 42=

Well, you know what today is???

Not just a fabulous fall day.

Not just an excellent conference session this morning with more to follow.

Not just a day off from regular work to do domestic things and maybe relax.

IT'S DAY 42...of the famous "haircut" scenario! It's now a proven fact that the difference between a bad haircut and a good one is six weeks. Six incredibly long, patient-trying, inner-strengthening, one-moment-at-a-time weeks.

By Thanksgiving I could look like a hippie, Dude :o)