Sunday, October 30, 2016


Sometimes I just get a craving for it.  It doesn't matter if it's morning, noon, or night. When I want it, I want it.  Bread and milk in a bowl.

There are different qualities of the cuisine. The best is with homemade bread, or at least homemade-like. We eat cereal in milk.  Cereal is made out of the same stuff as bread, right?

I read an article that said when there is a big storm coming, people flock to the store and buy bread and milk.  I'm sure they buy nails, visquine, and boards, too, but that's just to make a shelter in which to eat bread and milk.

There are people who put salt on their watermelon, so I know how objectionable thinking about certain food combinations can be. You can also get bread that's so poor in quality that it ruins the dish and turns it into a soggy mess.

And, bread and milk can be turned into toast and hot cocoa for dipping. There was a time when I dipped fresh bread into cold chocolate milk (thanks to those old Nestle commercials), but that doesn't sound very appealing now.

It think it's time I made a batch of bread...