Monday, April 12, 2010

For Rent, Apparently

No wonder we can't fit everything into our brains. They are being used for storage by companies, like wireless computer hackers. In case you don't think so, see if you can fail this test--I dare ya. (It's a 3-day test.)

Plop, plop, fizz fizz_______
________, and I he’ped (think Loretta Lynn)
Made by elves….
Everything tastes better when it sits on a ______

Woops! I could have had a ______!
2 beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, tomatoes (yada yada) on a sesame seed bun
Melts in your mouth, not______
Wheeere’s the_______?

_______, a little dab’ll do ya
It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.
It takes a lickin and keeps on tickin.
Only YOU can prevent______ ______
Nothin says lovin like something from the oven.
M’m good M’m good________
There’s something about an ______ _______ man.
______, it does a body good.

______, take me away!
When you hear the crash…..
Like a good neighbor, ____________
Nobody doesn’t like ______ ____
J E L L __
_________, good to the last drop.
I am stuck on _______ cuz ______’s stuck on me.
10,000,000 strong…and going.

With a name like_________, it has to be good.
In the Valley of the OH HO HO HO HO ______ ______
Don’t get mad, get _______
Ah, oh, better get __________
The nighttime sniffling, sneezing…..________medicine.
When you care enough to give the very best.
Ladies, please don’t squeeze the _______
I’d like to teach the world to sing_______

Silly Rabbit…..
Gotta have my________
Kid-tested, Mother approved
Choosy moms choose_____
The touch, the feel of ________
The incredible, eddible_______
Ding, dong, _____ calling
_____57 varieties
_____31 flavors
_______ ________, the only way to fly.
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a _______ ______?
___________, like a rock!
Can you tell me how to get, how to get to _______ _______?
Y M __ __!

Just do it!
Is it in you?
If it isn’t ______ ______, spit it out.
It’s a hemi…
It’s what’s for dinner.
The best part of waking up…
I’d walk a mile for a ______
You’ve come a long way, Baby.
Tastes great, less filling.

_______, the breakfast of champions.
I can’t believe it’s not _______
It’s FANtastic!
Strong enough for a man, but ……..
________ ______, gives you wings.
Wait’ll we get our _______ on you.

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