Friday, September 28, 2012


Teeley, Kyle and I were watching it rain the other night and noticed Swirl outside 30 feet away playing under the swingset. Tee opened the door, Kyle whistled and Swirl came running in. It's bizarre how she responds to his whistle. If we whistle, she just looks at us like "Huh?" That's if she even looks up at all. Tee was saying how funny it was and how Kyle would probably do the same for his kids one day. 

That lead to a discussion about the farm. I told them how we used to stand at the top of a field and make a long whistling yoohoo noise. The cows would look up and saunter on over, head up the road and turn into our yard. In retrospect, it's probably more remarkable that an entire herd of pea-brained cows were so well-trained that they even responded at all, let alone monitored themselves and automatically turned into the right yard than that it is that Swirl responds to Kyle's whistling.

I hadn't whistled that call for years, but as soon as I did, both Teelay and Kyle immediately groaned. Apparently, I used it a time or two when they were younger.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Over the Edge

I saw a commercial the other day that said I could go online and participate in an "interactive commercial" for their product. The day I do that, please call the guys with the strait-jackets.

Usually, I'm faster at hitting the mute button on the remote than that, but this was such a shock, I listened to see if I'd heard right. They weren't kidding. You can literally become interactively-involved with commercials if you choose. What the subject of that particular commercial was luckily escapes me.

Everyone in our family knows to hit the mute button the second a commercial comes on. It's an automatic response that sometimes catches people off guard. Kyle's friend, The Amazing Cam, thought muting the commercials was unusual and confusing at first, but he's used to it now.

Speaking of the Amazing Cam, he made Kyle a new backboard for his birthday that is totally unique and wonderful. (Go Orem Tigers!) If he made them to sell online, I'd have to watch his commercial; heck, I'd BE in his commercial!

By some miracle, I was able to get a picture of the new basketball going through the hoop for the first about being interactive!