Saturday, November 30, 2013

Know Your Veggies, Etc.

If any of these aren't right, it's my fault rather than Teelay's.  When she got hired at a local grocery store, she was surprised that many of the vegetable/fruit codes were the same as they are in Canadian grocery stores.

She was telling me one day about things they say, like:

1-"You drive me 4011!"  (bananas) though it could be 4386 (nuts)
2-How do they remember the code for cantaloupe, 4050?  "You can't elope til you're 40 or 50."
3-You are the 4133 of my eye.
4-3107 you glad this isn't a knock knock joke?
5-"4816 pie and shut my eye"
6-Doesn't that 4081 all?
7-Do you 4576 all about me?
8-4062 pray
9-I had to call the 4040-er about my backed-up sink
10-Where ya 4066?
11-She's a hot 4664!
12-Who lives in a 4032 under the sea?  Sponge Bob Square Pants!
13-Someone from Australia is called a 4030.
14-Key 4048 pie
15-That car I bought is a real 4053!
16-They're a cute 4409.

How fun :o)

p.s.  If a code begins with the number 9, you know it's organic.Also, an 8 at the front means it's been genetically-modified.  Interestingly enough, berries are sold per unit rather than by code.  The stuff you didn't know you didn't know, eh?