Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kids Sayings Part 2

2-27-74 (age 3)
Mom: “What did you do at Lisa’s house?” Jason, “I played at her.”

3-6-74 Dad: “There’s a bare toe sticking out there.” Jason, NO, that’s MY toe!”

1974 Jason before blessing: “We’ll have to turn the radio off so we don’t wake the prayer up.”

7-3-74, Jason while swinging high: “My belly likes it.”

8-13-74 Jason: about breakfast: “I don’t want any ‘cuz I had a headache in my stomach last night.”

Jason, telling about Vicks “It makes you cry tears.”

“Jesus was baptized by emergency.” (immersion)

Jason: 2-7-74 Getting read for Romper Room pledge of allegiance, “Let’s put our hearts on.”

Jason..3-6-75 “I don’t want it to snow. I want to play on the grass green.”

Jason..9-3-74 playing organ and deciding to use a music book, “Now I’ve gotta stand the notes up.”

Jason..10-8-73 (age 2 ½) We bought him a little boat at mid-morning. He was all dressed but looked up sweetly and said, “Mommy, my knees are dirty. I need a baff.”

4-1-75 Mom: “Where’s the bird?” Jason, “I don’t know. They have a hidey house.”

2-20-76 Jason: “Hey, Grandma, what do bears do in Bear River?”

Jason.(Age 2): We were driving on a night with a full moon: “”Let me get the big ball!” “It’s too far away.” pause....then he said:’ “Let me get a chair.”

3-5-75: About pillowcase “My pillow says it doesn’t want its blanket on.”

10-13-73 While eating pizza: “It tastes like it’s got fire.”

6-28-75 “What do choke cherries do, make you choke?”

4-8-75 Jason washing dishes: “See how dishy wash I am.”

2-20-74 Jason to Jared: “Ok, Baby, let me get on my nerves!”

Vince: 1-3-91 Going out the door to his girlfriend’s party, he excitedly said to me, with a hug–“I love you lots and lots and a little bit hot.”

1-25-81 Vince ate a hot dog in a bun and told me, “I want another hot dog but not the band aid.”

2-1-81: Vince came upstairs in the middle of the night with a sore knee and said “My knee had a bad dream, but it’s ok now.”

Sherry: 3-13-85 “There’s two things I’m allergic to–mosquitos and the dark.”

Mom to Dad: "Don’t leave Nik alone, ok?” Sherry: “No, cause I’d get him, huh?”

Vince: “Nik isn’t even one yet.” Sherry: “No, he’s only two, huh?”

9-17-80 Mom: “Do you know I love you?” Sherry: “Yup, but I don’t love you. I love suckers at the barber shot.” (Shop)

12-18-81 While singing with Sherry:” As for me, Dear Santa Claus, when you come tonight... (I stopped, she didn’t) BRING ME PRESENTS!”

Sherry playing with her little brother, Nik (she obviously wanted a sister instead): “Mom, this is Heather; say hi Heather.”

Nik: 3-21-85 “Rusty don’t wear shoes. He just wears feet.” (dog)

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