Friday, May 7, 2010

Kids-Part 4 (Kyle)

Mom to Kyle: “That was before your time.” Kyle: “Everything is before my time.”

After daylight savings change: “Mom, it’s 8:56; you’re late!” I said, “No, remember we turned the clocks back an hour?” Kyle: “Our watches too?” “Yes.” “How do they know??”

4-1-92 Kyle to his Grandma Rice: “We don’t have cows. We have bugs.”

4-8-92 First day of daylight savings time: “Come on, Kyle, get up
so we can go to Belle’s. (babysitter) Kyle: “I don’t know if I can make it.”

May 17, 1992 Me to Kyle, “Grandmas are nice, huh?” Kyle: “Yep, and Sherry’s not mean any more; she’s nice.”

Jan 26, 1993: Obviously we went someplace nice; Kyle: “Can I stay in this world?”

April 6, 1993 Me to Kyle: “Tell me if you find Jordan’s (his nephew’s) bottle.” Kyle: “If he drops it, I don’t know where it finds.”

Sep 20, 1993 at 7:15 a.m. getting Kyle up to go to the babysitter’s: “Morning is when it’s light. This is not morning.”

Dec 12, 1993 I got Kyle cereal in a metal bowl. He ate it and said “Look, Mom, I ate the whole bucket full.”

Dec 12, 1993 Kyle, regarding Nik: “Vince, could you please hold his hands so I can ticklish him?”

Dec 12, 1993, Kyle: “Mom, how many more sleeps ‘til Christmas?” I showed him on my fingers and he replied: “That’s too many. I can’t sleep that much.”

Dec 17, 1993 I was lying on the couch and Kyle was lying on my stomach. “Mom, how come your tummy is making noise.” Me: “Maybe it’s the food I just ate running around.” Kyle: “Maybe it’s just your heart playing basketball.”

Jan 12, 1994 Kyle “I want Jared to come play video games with me.” Mom: “He’ll probably come over tonight.” Kyle, big sigh, “Well, how many days is that?”

Jan 15, 1994 While battling stomach flu, “My stomach wiggles.”

Jan 20, 1994 I put vasoline in his bleeding nose at bedtime. Next day, “Mom, why did you put gasoline in my nose last night?”

3-2-94 “Mom, I know which foot to put my boot on.” “How do you know?” “I thinked it.”

3-10-94 Kyle: “I love you real big. Big is heart, huh?”

April 11, 1994 Teelay in her “dancing” dress had just been blessed. We told Kyle to be very careful when he held her. He said:” Why is she so expensive?” We finally figured out he meant special.

April 11, 1994 Kyle, while exiting the Church walking backwards, “Look, Mom. I’m walking upside down!”

April 12, 1994 We were super tired and I said “Kyle, you need to wake up now.” He dragged out and came to my room, “Mom, why did you say it fast? You’re supposed to say it SLOW.”

Kyle, after I was whining Sunday morning (Nov 14, 2004) about my too-short bangs: “Can we stay home from Church then?” (the Opportunist)

April 21, 1994: While playing at the park and waiting for Sherry at school, “Mom, come play on this thing. It takes two.” Me: “I’m real tired. I’ve been working all day.” Kyle: “But this isn’t working, Mom.”

April 29, 1994, calling me at work, knowing I have goodies in my desk there “What do you have for me at work?…Well, check every single door. Check in the one on the right.”

August 1994 Kyle “A triangle has 3 pokies and a square has 4 pokies.”

Oct 10, 1994, he got new light-up shoes, Kyle “See how jump I can go up!”

I gave him a waffle and sent him off to eat it. He came back to say:“Hey, Mom, we need some prayer!”

“I just have my feetsies.”

6-5-95, Kyle (age 7) “I would consider cleaning the whole house for $2.”

Kyle had his friend, Richard, sleeping over. Sometime in the night Kyle got bitten by a spider and when he woke up couldn’t open his eye. He said: “Richard, I can’t open my eye! What’s wrong?” Richard said: “Well, try to rub it or something.” That, of course, made it worse, so Kyle said: “I can’t see! I’m blind!” (We laugh about it now.)

Kyle, (age 18) after tonsils were removed, but while still obviously well under the influence of anesthesia: “piece a cake! it’s kick a**!”; he couldn’t even sit up, but said “let’s go.” I asked him, “Can you see anybody?” He said, “I can see everybody in twos! Do you have my bag? Let’s just get this on & go.” Nurse asking if he wanted jello: “What kind of flavors do you have?” Nurse: “Strawberry and raspberry.” Kyle: “I probably couldn’t taste it anyway. Why am I cross-eyed?” Me to Kyle: “Are there still 2 clocks?” Kyle: One and a half. This is so lame! I’m kinda disappointed they didn’t make me count. I wanted to see how far I could go. We should make a sign on the door--watch out for my breath!

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