Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kids really do say the darndest things. Part 1

Seeming as this is the week that turns into Mother's Day, thought I'd post some of the sayings from my kids over the years:

Jared, age 3, to his brother, as mom was saying “one...two...three” “Jason, mom’s counting you!”

Jared: age 3, reading a book: “That’s the wicked switch.”

Jared: age 3: must have been studying the Civil War: “That’s Paul
Root Beer”

Jared, age 3: “There’s tuna in my peanut butter sandwich!”

Jared: age 3: After hearing Dad’s made-up scarey story: “Read us another story, Dad.”

3-7-76 Jared, while feeling my newly-shaven leg, “What’s that? What’s that porcupine?”

Age 3: Reporting on sick neighbor friend: “Hal has the weasels.”

Age 3: Jared, putting toys on toy elevator: “See me put people on the alligator.”

Age 4: “It’s starting to stop raining, Daddy, so we can go fishin!”

What did you learn about in church today, Jared? “I learned about the grasshoppers and the ducks!” (locusts and seagulls)

Dec 1975: Jason assumed ownership of his dad’s cowboy hat. His dad had it and Jason said, “That’s my hat!.” Ferron said “I don’t see your name on it.” Jason took it and went in the bedroom a couple of minutes. He came out and showed us some scribbles on the hat that said “This is Jason’s hat.”

4-14-76 Jason: “I know who the first man and woman were.” Mom: “Who?” “Adam and Even”

Jason, about off-brand life savers, “They’re not fit for my mouth.”

I sent Jason to a neighbor with some casserole he didn’t like and told him to be sure not to fall in the road and get his face in the casserole and he said “I wouldn’t live through it.”

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