Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kids #3 (Nik)

3-21-85 “Your shirt’s dirty, Nik.” “Yeah, I know. Maybe I’ll just rub it off…real fast!”

7-6-84 Nik: “Mom, one, two, three, six kittens is eatin!”

8-29-84 “What a bump! I got a headache on my yeg.”

8-30-84 “My kid’s goin at the school. Bye, kids, bye.”

Dec 31, 1985 “Oh, my muscles are ranned out by Dad’s power!”

7-17-85 Nik, how come you have such beautiful eyes? “Cuz I just had ‘em for a long time.”

7-7-85: Arriving home after our long trip to Canada: “Who lives here, Nik?” “Nobody, just we.”

10-14-85 “What’s that you put in the microwave, Mom?” “Meat.”
“Yuk. What do we always have to have food for supper?”

4-23-86: While walking with Nik, I told him how the white flowers on some strawberry plants turned into strawberries. He said: “Yep, MAGIC!”

6-20-85 (lightening) “I saw a blink. Maybe it’s gonna rain.”

Nik: “I know what skunks do. They skunk people.

8-16-85 Nik about the nurse, “She shotted two hurts on me!”

9-30-85 While we were pushing foreheads, I said, “You must have a head made of rock.” Nik replied, “No, I don’t. It’s made of body.” (duh)

Nik, waving the fly swatter around, “Come on flies. I’ll kill ya to deff!”

4-21-07 Mom to Nik: “You’re thinkey today”. Nik: “I’m always thinkey.”

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