Friday, December 30, 2016

I See You. Can You See Me?

For surely more than a decade, my parents used to get a wonderful calendar the end of each year.  My recollection is that it was from a meat-packing place in Preston.  It runs in my mind that it was Hubbard's Meat Packing Plant but no research--including Pauline Who Remembers Almost Everything--lead me to any examples of it.

What use is an old calendar, right?  I'd pay good money for one of those old calendars right now. Trying to find anything on Google lead me to articles like "Raising a child with optic nerve hypoplasia" and "Chinese women's eyes after surgery" and "6 eye issues after 40".

The calendar always hung in the kitchen.  Each month had a different scene of an old cowboy either getting thrown off his horse, being denied at the bank, truck broken down, etc. There was a whole action-packed story spoken by each picture and hidden in each one was a little pair of hidden eye balls, sort of a"Where's Waldo" precursor.

Sometimes you'd find the little eyes in a horse hoof, under a saddle, in the radiator, under the chair, but they were always there. Whoever drew those pictures was a true artist indeed, as well as an entertainer. He should be world famous.

Thank you, Sir, whoever you are for all those years of joy!

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