Monday, January 18, 2016


I say this to Nik and Sarah several times a week.  Write it down.  If you don't, you will never remember exactly how it went because the wording is what made it so cute in the first place.

For example, here are some Teddisms from the past year:

I was eating some jello with whipped cream on it. He had two bites of it without the whipped cream and came back for another bite.  I offered him some with whipped cream.  He put up his hand in a "hold off" position and said, "No, I need it clean!"

I just playing. Playing is fun.

Watching Frozen.  Anna is left in a cold room. Teddy looked at me and said, "That's a problem."

Papa, can we eat a pupcake?

Teddy, lie down and have a nap.  "I don't want to turn my eyes off."

While watching the bug zapper: "Watch that sound!"

Flying his toy satellite into the air, "See ya later, Earf."

Playing the Star-Warry parent game, Nik said: "This is my boy. I am his father." Teddy replied: "Excuse me. We can all share this boy."

The washer beeps over and over when the cycle ends.  We removed the clothes but it kept beeping.  Teddy said, "We already taked it out, Washer!"

Where is your airplane going to sleep?  "He won't sleep. Pointing to it eyes, he said, "These are just stickers."

I'm playing hide and go seek.  Where's me?

Teddy, did you take a nap?  "Almost."

Sliding across the floor, "Excuse me, but my socks are very slipperdy."

Cottage cheese is disgusting for my mouth.

Nik was talking to Teddy about the real meaning of Christmas.  He asked him, "Do you know who the real King of the world is?"  And Teddy didn't miss a beat yelling, "Captain America!"

Mama went into the bathroom.  Teddy said, "You locked the door? But you're leaving me behind!"

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