Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Pealing" Rubber

The boys and I went to Idaho two weekends ago. I rode with Jason.  Nik rode with Jared and family. (Off the record, I think Jason is secretly a fighter pilot.)

There is a several-mile stretch of road north of Lagoon that Dad used to call "Flat Tire Avenue" (FTA), so named because the road felt like a big army tank had driven along it right after it was paved. You could have started a rubber factory from all the tire parts strewn along the road. It looked like an explosion in a manufacturing plant.

Saturday it didn't seem quite as bumpy as in olden days for some reason.  I was telling Jason about how it used to have the FTA name when, interestingly enough, I realized the moniker still fits.  There were big hunks of tires along the entire stretch, thankfully not ours.

It's got to be more than just a long-time coincidence. Surely some of those tire sections belong to the UHP or UDOT people.  All I know is that the tire people probably call that "Happy Avenue".  That's good news for cousin Lisa, though. More shopping fodder.

FTA is probably an old-timer's phrase, sort of like Sardine Canyon.  You have to have been there to know this stuff.  Google doesn't even reference it.

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