Friday, December 20, 2013

Are They All Crazy?

Sarah was here with the boys today.

Teddy likes fruit, so I cut an apple into small pieces for him and put it in a little silver bowl he likes.  He started munching on the tidbits, walked over and gave me some, went over to his mother and gave her some and went over to the walker where his brother, Huck, was sitting and put some in the little tray of the walker.

We smiled and said, "Thank you, Teddy" when he gave us our apples but as soon as he shared with his brother, he was told "No."  Sarah grabbed the morsels out of Huck's reach, so what did Teddy do?  He just got some more pieces out of his bowl and put more in the little tray of the walker. It was such a sweet thing to do, but I wondered how many times he must think we're all crazy.

He's such a good little worker, loves to help put the soap in the dishwasher and close the door, helps move clothes from the washer to the dryer and learned that we push those buttons.  That's where he runs into the "No" word.  I can see him wondering why it's ok sometimes and not others and why would we try to curtail him when he's only doing what we do.

Kids are so neat!

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