Saturday, September 14, 2013

Go Go, Grandma

That's the name of the family activity I've planned for ages that never quite came to fruition until today.

At 4:30 p.m. people should be arriving.  We are going to check all the fluid levels and tire pressure, plus clean out the cars (original plan was to wash all the cars but that became a little too intimidating).  That way we aren't all calling Jason when the first cold snap hits and our cars have issues.

After that we are going to have a wiener roast in the portable fire pit by the back door that sends smoke into the house, but there's no place to put it that's any better.  What's for dinner, you ask? the "Pit Stop" we have:

1-Hot Rods (hot dogs)
2-Garages (buns)
3-Wheels (cookies)
4-Dip sticks (fruit, etc on a skewer)
5-Waving flag (wavy potato chips
6-gas (pork and beans, what else)
7-stick shifts (carrots)
8-Turtle Wax (Ranch dip)
9-Steering wheels (pickles)
10-Pick your fluid (oil/root beer float, anti freeze/orange float, tranny/grape float)  Last party we had the same floats but named them after animals.  (What can I say, we have good parties!)

After dinner we will have a couple of games.  One is a version of Pictionary where we draw and guess models of cars ie. Mustang Cobra, Jetta, Dodge Ram, Elantra, Pontiac, Ford Taurus, etc.  The other game I've come up with is sort of like Mad Gab, one of our favorite games, only this will be guess what those personalized license plates are; for instance:

1BUG2COn a 1967 Volkswagen Bug
2N2R4On the car of a math teacher
B4DKCMEBefore decay, see me, on a dentist's truck.
EIEIOOn the old Ford FARM pick-up truck. 
HIHO AGHi ho silver!
I12BNZCI want to be in zee Sea, a diver.

After that, we'll watch cars and chill.  Sounds fun, huh?

Vroom! Vroom!

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