Friday, November 2, 2012

I Do

Remember when you were a kid and got swinging so high you were sure you were going to go "over the top"?  I do.

Remember when you got pushed so hard by somebody that you flew out of the swing entirely and landed on your back on the ground, knocking the air out of you so hard you thought you'd die for sure?  I do.

Remember getting your fingers pinched in the chains so tightly you thought your fingers might come off? I do.

Remember twisting round and round until the chain/rope wouldn't turn one bit more, then letting go, unspinning so fast the world was a blur, then spinning back up and repeating the pendulum motion until the swing just stopped--but your equilibrium didn't?  I do.

Remember standing on a wooden swing and moving your knees to pump you up faster, standing there with wiggly legs sure you were going to slip and fall on your back and knock the air out of you so hard you thought you'd die for sure?  I do.

Remember swinging in those big farm tires that were so uncomfortable that no matter how you got situated, you were miserable...that and the smell of too much rubber next to your nose?  I do.

Remember when your desire to swing, low or high, changed to a serious case of nausea just watching someone else swing?  Maybe you're too young, but I do.

Remember holding onto a rope, sitting on a board, swinging from a tree out over water?  I do not...nor have I ever regretted it.   It ranks right up there with skydiving or bungee jumping.

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