Thursday, November 4, 2010

Upon Further Reflection...

Last night I braved the evening coldness for the hot tub, where it was a nice 99 degrees. Since it gets dark so early now, I had hooked up one of those standing lamps with the multiple-colored lights extending out like a bouquet of flowers…these look kind of like poppies, not all the way open.

The jets turned off after half an hour, leaving the night in peaceful silence. I was too comfy to move and restart them, so I didn’t. After a minute or so, the water settled down, still as glass, not even a ripple. The white corrugated roof and the lamp to the side were both mirrored in the water, giving it the duplicate effect of the same scene, one above me and one beneath. It was calm, and sort of magical.

I thought how sometimes we don’t realize we are a part of one big whole, not alone in existence. If we saw the entire picture, instead of just part of it, our capacity to understand and appreciate life would increase remarkably.

Then I also thought how there are depths within us that we do not comprehend until we are tested and have to seek deeper within ourselves.

We are more than we could ever imagine.

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