Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hey, Grandma

Marty (16) and Talon (8), two youngest sons of my second son, called last night to see if they could come sleep over because "we're so bored." Since it was just me and Swirl here, their level of boredom must have been well into the negative, but I said SURE. This morning I was awake but not yet up when Talon came in with a drawing he'd made and told me I had three guesses to tell what it was. He's very creative and artistic--and doesn't quit until you participate--so I made my 3 guesses: (Me)-Dragon? Dinosaur? A maze? (Him)-Nope! It's eels and escalators! (wrong again). I told him I'd be up in a few but just couldn't get out of my wonderful waveless waterbed just yet. He said: "I know you really like your bed, Grandma, but how do you get the water in it?" I told him it's like a big water balloon; there's a hole where you remove a plug and put the water in and plug it back up. He said: "Well, what if there were accidently fish in there?" I said "They'd all die and smell awful." He said: "Well, fish live in the water, so they'd be alive." (duh) I said: "Well, fish actually need fresh oxygen in the water to live." He just said: "Well, if there were fish in there, you'd have to make sure you didn't roll over and squish them all." He is a wise child. This is the same child who several months ago was discussing everybody's age. He thought Kyle was pretty old at 21, of course. Then he asked me how old I was. I said: "Sixty." His eyes got big and there was a 10-second silence while he thought about that; then he gave me a look like I was maybe a bit senile and asked very sweetly, "Are you SURE?" Jared and I both laughed out loud. I told him that my parents were both 92 and he said: "THAT'S ALMOST ONE HUNDRED!!" I said: "Yep, get used to it." When he was five, somebody asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said: "I don't know. I don't have those instructions yet."

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