Wednesday, June 7, 2017

4 Wheels

Duke and Darla together have 4 wheels.

When my parents passed on, Nik & Sarah inherited Mom and Dad's bicycles. Duke is Dad's blue one and Darla is Mom's rust-colored one. The bikes needed some repair and sprucing up. Duke has been in a couple of shops and is now running ok. He has a little glitch but if you know what you're doing, he gets around. Nik has driven him to work and back and to Wienerschnitzel's once.

Darla still has some tweeking to be done but in time, she'll be rideable again. She sits in a protected shed next to Duke. They, like my parents, seem natural side by side.

We were talking about the bikes and their riders this week. Mom & Dad were legendary for riding their bicycles over 1000 miles one summer when they were both over 70.  That's unimaginable.  And they weren't out on some flat track either. It was up and downhill most of the way whichever way they went. I think Duke has 3 gears.

I still have the picture in my mind of my parents hopping on their bikes in the evening after a full day of milking, cooking, farming...and heading south on their way to eat at a little diner in Lewiston,, Utah 21.5 miles away, one way! Mindboggling. Of course, they both wore long sleeves and hats to prevent sun damage. Mother's dad died from skin cancer so let me thank both of my parents right now for that preventative measure!

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