Monday, March 27, 2017

Teddy the Paleontologist

Teddy was telling me, "You have to be delicate when working with dinosaur bones." He turns 5 in May.

He was telling me that some dinosaurs were herbivores; they ate only plants. Then you have carnivores that just ate meat. When I asked him what an omnivore was then, he explained that those ate both meat and plants.

I just sat back and listened and took notes. He told me about theropods who were meat-eaters, same as T Rexes. He had me pull up dinosaur images on Google and rattled off the following:

troodon, dilohosesaurus, pachycepholosaurs, ankylosaurus, spinosaurus...I couldn't keep up. He must have named a dozen or more.  We have a wall of his dinosaur drawings. When he makes them out of Play Dough, he pinches the necks into vertebras that look like pastry chef-pinched pie crust.

He told me that stegosauruses were herbivores because they were heavy and kinda slow, so they couldn't catch prey. He said it a little apologetically and I wondered if somehow he thinks I'm a stegosaurus.

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